Cocina pura y sincera

Pineapple Textures

Lebrija pineapple in three textures, roasted on the grill with panela and cardamom melao, home-made roasted pineapple ice cream and pineapple brunoise impregnated with ginger syrup, San Gil arepa crumble and panela toffee with rum Colombian añejo.

16 .000

About us

Maíz Pelao is a restaurant in the Bucaramanga, Santander (Colombia) specializing in Satander's region traditional food and of Colombia with a vanguardist touch.

Contact info

  • +57 7 680 0466
  • +57 314 872 5050
  • Carrera 37 # 54-12
    Cabecera - Bucaramanga