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Date with one best restaurants in Bucaramanga

restaurants in bucaramangaSantander's food has always been recognized as one of the best in Colombian territory, the reason, the purity of its dishes and the Creole of its flavors, combining aromas, textures and tastes in a single dish.

This is how, in the highest level cuisine of Maíz Pelao, the most exquisite menus of traditional Santanderean  food are carried out.

It is essential that, for those looking for good restaurants in Bucaramanga to visit, do not forget to stop by this place, which has in each dish the Maíz Pelao as the protagonist, thus giving it honor to its name.

Santanderean food  avant-garde

Chef Carlos Contreras, who is behind these avant-garde ideas of giving a contemporary touch to traditional dishes, says that he grew up around many flavors and aromas typical of the kitchen of a loving grandmother who prepared his delicious meals.

All their menus rescue the identity of the Santanderean, that which, sadly has been lost but that, the cuisine barely manages to rescue. “Each dish is made in a special way,” says Chef Carlos, while preparing his pelao corn arepas or cassava patties stuffed with warm quail egg.

Not only the food is worth it. The treatment, decoration and atmosphere make the visit to this restaurant an epic experience, something that not all restaurants in Bucaramanga can guarantee.

About us

Maíz Pelao is a restaurant in the Bucaramanga, Santander (Colombia) specializing in Satander's region traditional food and of Colombia with a vanguardist touch.

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