Cocina pura y sincera

Maíz Pelao

Maíz Pealo front facade in Bucaramanga city

Since i was i child my life was always linked to restaurants: my grandmother's and also my parents's restaurant. Over time my taste for cooking was growing day by day and seeing my mom, my aunts and my grandmother making such delicious dishes awakened my desire to learn.

But it was when collaborating with my parents in their restaurant that i heard those two words that at times sounded like one: arepas de maíz pelao (arepas made of yellow corn also known as arepa santandereana). My passion kept growning and I began to investigate and discovered that (maíz pelao) peeled corn is present in our food life since our ancestors and is present in a variety of preparations.

Here in Maíz Pelao you will find a pure and sincere cuisine with lots of love, recipes from my grandmothers with a modern touch, and above all respect for the local and national product, adding a touch of other cuisines that throughout my trip I have known. Welcome and enjoy it!


About us

Maíz Pelao is a restaurant in the Bucaramanga, Santander (Colombia) specializing in Satander's region traditional food and of Colombia with a vanguardist touch.

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